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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation – Revealed – 4 Powerful Tricks to Last Longer Than 97% of All Men! Make sure you read about Hillary Clinton, bottom of this article

When it comes to lasting longer during sexual intercourse, one of the most difficult things for men to do is to reduce the receptivity of their minds to stimulation. In other words, keeping their arousal or mental stimulation levels in check. If you fail to keep your mental stimulation under control, you run a far greater risk of ejaculating too early. So how do you stop premature ejaculation by managing your arousal levels? There are many powerful techniques to help you last longer than the vast majority of men. Let’s take a quick and insightful look below.

4 Techniques To Reduce Inner Receptivity

Too hot for PE to stop.

Too hot for PE to stop.

#1 – “The Mind Wanderer”

One age-old technique that works well for many men is to engage in thoughts that have nothing to do with sex. Some guys get around the problem of bringing their stimulation level under control by doing solving math problems. By thinking about mundane office processes or even recalling the previous day’s major news headlines, just to name a few. Other methods that work involve clenching your fists or tightly shutting your eyelids. Will these work for you? Many men claim this distraction technique works very well. But every man is different, so you really have to test this out to know if it will do wonders for you.

#2 – “The Petting Extravaganza”

Pray for her.

Pray for her.

A more practical approach would be to engage in some form of petting. Do something that will get your partner aroused. This will allow you some time to “cool off” the stimulation you are getting during intercourse. This technique has two positive outcomes. First, you continue to arouse your woman and get her prime for a climax. Second, it helps to divert attention from your own stimulation and delay your orgasm.

#3 – “The Slippery Slope”

How about a little Gush? Coconut Oil will give you mellons like these.

How about a little Gush?
Coconut Oil will give you mellons like these.

Using lubrication to delay ejaculation is a well-known technique. By reducing the amount of friction your penis receives during intercourse, you will lower the levels of stimulation you get from penetration. Some of the more effective lubricants require you to apply small amounts onto the area around your penis head and the part where the head meets the shaft about 10 to 20 minutes before engaging in intercourse.

#4 – “The Great Companion”

The effectiveness of this technique is well-documented and is a favorite of many guys. This method requires your partner to help stimulate your penis with her hands to the point where ejaculation is almost inevitable. At this juncture, you signal for her to stop stimulation. Once the sensation has subsided, you will ask her to resume. Repeated use of this technique over time will result in you being able to handle intense stimulation without the urge to ejaculate.

This proven and tested prolonging method employs the strategy of passive sex mastery, a way to transfer your tension to where your body doesn’t want to or need to ejaculate so that you can keep going and at the same time making her orgasm even more.
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