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No matter how many techniques or positions you use to increase your stamina in bed,

the fact remains that you have to be relaxed when you are practicing them. There are

very clear steps by which you can relax yourself – even during intercourse. Learn these

from the section below, and improve your sexual stamina to the point where you can

literally decide when you want to ejaculate. If you are presently lasting just 2 minutes

in bed, the ability to ride it out for 20 minutes or more is no longer an impossible

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Why Is Relaxation Important?

It is through relaxation of the mind and body that you can prevent an early ejaculation

during sex. Premature ejaculation (PE) is often (although not always) the result of the

involuntary contraction of the PC muscles and a corresponding heightening of sexual

pleasure. The only way in which you can prevent PE is by relaxing those very muscles.

When you make a conscious effort to remain calm and relaxed during sex, you are in a

better position to control your PC muscles. After all, all those sex positions and

techniques are not going to work if you are not able to control your PC muscles. It is

analogous to trying to drive a car when you do not even know how to put your feet to

the peddle and your hands to the wheel.

Just airing it out.

Just airing it out.

The Keys To Relaxation For Better Ejaculatory Control…

Well, it is easy for me to say “relax!” But how do you really go about it? Simple! Just

follow these 2 basic principles.

Principle #1 – “Mind Over Body”: Focus your mind on the different sensations that are

going through your body. Instead of focusing on the sensations in your genitals, try to

turn your attention to the feelings in your abdomen, legs or your chest. If you feel a

tightening in any of the muscles in those areas, take a deep breath and relax these areas

consciously. Not only will this help you keep off premature ejaculation, it will also let

you continue receiving sexual stimulation without blowing early.

Principle #2 – “Forced Indifference”: In this approach, the only thing you need to do is

to feel the arousal, but from a separate and “indifferent” angle – as if it were happening

to someone else. For instance, take your eyes off your woman for an instant and “will”

your body to relax consciously. Focus your mind on other areas of pleasure and try to

keep the arousal from becoming overwhelming. This technique is highly effective.

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Just sunning it.

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