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Having Trouble Lasting During Sex? Do THIS to Fix Premature Ejaculation and Give Her Amazing Sex!

Is your sex life taking a turn for the worse because you are not lasting long enough in bed? Do you fear your wife or girlfriend cheating behind your back because of the lousy sex you are giving her? When it comes to making love, most men are unrealistic about the expected duration of intercourse. Many guys are influenced by hearsay among male friends who brag about how long they can last in bed, or even from adult movies that depict male actors seemingly going on for hours during the sets.

Now here’s the thing.

I'm sure with a partner like this all men would cum too soon.

I’m sure with a partner like this all men would cum too soon.

Believe it or not, the average man usually does not last beyond 5 minutes during lovemaking. And the simple truth is, as many as 40 percent of men have to deal with this sexual dysfunction called premature ejaculation. So if you are lasting just a couple of minutes (or even a few seconds), you are not alone. Premature ejaculation is a very common issue in the bedroom for many men.

PE is NOT a problem IF…

Too hot for PE to stop.

Too hot for PE to stop.

You focus on the quality of sex, instead of fretting over the quantity (or duration). Granted, most women would love their partners to last longer. But it is usually because women have a natural sexual response cycle that needs to be fulfilled in order for them to reach an orgasm. That cycle typically lasts 10 to 15 minutes. So the trick is to bring down that time frame and satisfy her sexually even before you commence intercourse.

Are these real or what?

Are these real or what?

Learning what turns on your partner and what gets her sexually aroused is important. Learn to explore her body through sensual touching and treat intercourse as only one of the many things that make sex great.

Focusing FIRST on her sexual needs will have an incredible effect.

It helps to remove your performance anxiety. You don’t need to worry about how long you are going to spend at intercourse in order to satisfy her. And if you are like most men suffering from premature ejaculation, reducing stress and the nervousness associated with PE will actually help improve your sexual stamina… and give her amazing sex to boot!
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