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Ways to Prevent Early Ejaculation – Use This “Preparatory Breathing” Tip to Make Sex Truly Amazing!

Let’s face it. Sex can be a stressful experience if you are unable to curb your ejaculation when things are just heating up in bed. Truth is, if you are anything like most men reading this, sex is usually a 2-minute affair or worse, just seconds of indulgence before you are forced to call it a day. But before you blame yourself for your lack of sexual endurance, there is a simple preparatory breathing technique you can use to last longer in bed. It works well for me and once you master this, you could achieve almost unlimited stamina without fail.

What is Preparatory Breathing?

As the name suggests, it prepares you for the sex that is going to happen. The best time to start off preparatory breathing is during foreplay. You should begin this technique before you engage in intercourse so that your breathing will fall into a naturally deep pattern.

Easy Steps To Preparatory Breathing

Step 1 – At the Onset: Do a few deep inhalations. As far as possible, make sure this is not obvious to your partner. Just take some deep and slow breaths and hold it after each exhalation.

Step 2 – Continue With It: Take deep breaths, making sure that you move your lower body, and not your chest or shoulders. Your belly and the lower ribs should be moving out every time you take deep breaths.

Step 3 – Put It In Words: Every time you feel like you are slipping away, say these words to yourself: ‘in… out’. Repeat it and breathe in coordination until you feel yourself gaining back control.

Step 4 – Repeat: Do the above every time you are getting ready for sex. It will help calm your sexual nerves each time your partner caresses you or even just undresses in front of you.

Is It Possible To Control Yourself Without Breathing Correctly?

Well, some guys think that regulating breathing during sex is next to impossible. They think that you just have to bear the arousal for some time and then exert your mind to stop the final ejaculation. Well, mind control is ineffective in curbing premature ejaculation, so you might as well do nothing!

The best way to tackle PE is to remain calm and focused when it matters most. And the preparatory breathing techniques illustrated in this article can help you do just that! Try it over the next few days and feel the amazing difference in your lasting power!

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